Hello Hard Rock

Hard Rock Cafe has been a world icon for good food, good music, good fun, and over priced rock and roll merchandise.  I have seen them all over the world and some, like the one in Patong on Phuket Island in Thailand, are non stop parties.   Well as of December 5th 2013, official grand opening March 8 2014, Johannesburg has joined the ranks of cities all over the world who can claim to me home to a Hard Rock Cafe.   This new edition to the family is located on Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton and is almost always booked full, in fact I’m surprised to be sitting here now at 1:30 on a Saturday afternoon.

I am sitting here just a couple of meters from the iconic Hard Rock guitar, which is the beacon to let the masses know where the good food and music can be found.  I will say that compared to other Hard Rocks I have visited their guitar is kind of small and understated but it still glows with neon at night to attract the hungry people.  

I am awaiting the arrival of my S.O.B. Burger (which just arrived, so I will continue this layer).

I am back and all that remains of my burger is the little red Hard Rock flag that so recently adorned the top of my burger.


Now to continue…

Working from the bottom up the burger was made up of:

On the bottom, well the bottom half of the bun as I am sure you would have expected…

On top of the bun there was a nice portion of guacamole which tasted very fresh.   Now this is an important layer in any burger construction as a good burger is juicy it can soak the bottom bun if the bun is not properly protected.   Avocado (the main ingredient in guacamole is a little fatty and the fatty oils make a nice moisture barrier to protect the bottom bun.   This is more often accomplished with a spread of mayonnaise but the guacamole works just as well and tastes better, not to mention is better for you.

OK sitting on top of the guacamole was a couple of grilled onion rings which added a nice flavor but I think they would have been better raw to add a little crunch to the burger.

Now, as you may expect, sitting on top of the onion was the top bun, no wait I seem to have forgotten something but what.   Oh yes the burger patty, how could I forget that?  The patty was coated in a chipoltley paper rub and grilled to a nice, punk in the middle, medium perfection.   This was the heart and soul of the dish, the meat of the dish as you may say (pardon the pun) and the chipoltley rub added a nice little bite to the burger without setting my mouth of fire.

Now how do you top off such a good burger?  How else, but with a mild white cheddar?  Well I would have used a sharp cheddar but the mild white added flavor to the burger and also pulled double duty as a moisture barrier to protect the top bun.

Now we come to the end, the last piece of the pie (sadly I did not actually have pie but I was full after the burger), the (wait for it… drum roll please) top bun!  And the little red Hard Rock flag sticking out the top.

My meal was rounded out with a side of wedge fries which don’t merit more than being mentioned and a chocolate shake topped off with silky smooth whipped cream.

I will admit I often pass by the Hard Rock Cafe when I find one and look for something with a little more local flavor but I am glad I decided to stop by today and try out the newest member of the family.

Is I sat here writing this on my phone I decided I was still thirsty so ordered a mojito, yes real men drink mojitos.


This amazing Cuban concoction, made with white rum, sugar, lime, mint, and water, was a nice refreshing finish to my meal, but is also the source of my only complaint of the day.  I had to order it twice and it was rather slow in coming.

Take a virtual tour of Nelson Mandela Square and see if you can find the Hard Rock <— Hint 😉 click this

Hope you enjoyed and will come visit us again.



One thought on “Hello Hard Rock

  1. Hey hey that’s a smart move to promote for your sphere photo have you run through me on the blog advertisement and sponsor terms and conditions? (hmm)

    Oh wait I forgot you’re part of the blog too so maybe you’re safe on that!

    It is a great spin of the NM Square and I like your excitement and the upbeat tone in the post! Good job! (drum roll)

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