Chili Lime Shrimp Fajitas

My mind is still on Mexican food, the Breakfast Burritos helped but that is not true Mexican food so I wanted more.  Having tried the only Mexican restaurant I can find near me, and finding it rather disappointing, I decided that I would need to rely on my self.  This time I decided I would make Chilli Lime Shrimp Fajitas (as you may have guessed from the title of the post).

The first thing you need to do (is wash your dishes if you are like me and left them in the sink last night)…

OK now that you have clean dishes it is time to gather up all the ingredients you will need.

  1. Shrimp (these are in the title of the dish, so they are rather important)
  2. Chili (again it’s in the title so you can’t make the dish with out it)
  3. Limes (you may have guessed this one if you are following my logic by now)
  4. Onion
  5. Bell peppers (mix of colours)
  6. Tomato
  7. Garlic
  8. Flour Tortilla Shells
  9. Olive Oil (not Popeye’s girlfriend but the stuff pressed from olives)
  10. Salt and pepper

Let’s start off by making a marinade for the shrimp so they have time to soak up a little flavour.  If you have not already shelled, de-veined, and cleaned your shrimp do so now, I will stop writing now to give you some time to catch up.

OK your shrimp are all clean now so let’s move on with the marinade.  Like most seafood the shrimp should soak up the marinade fairly quick so there is no need to leave it sit over night.

Slice the garlic nice and thin, the thinner you cut it the more flavour it will release.  Alternatively you can crush and mince it as this may be a little easier to do.

Thinly slice the garlic

Thinly slice the garlic

Make sure your shrimp are nice and dry and put them into a bowl then drizzle them with olive oil to get them well coated.  Add in the sliced garlic, a little salt (I used Chili salt), some diced green Chili, and squeeze some lime over it.  Mix it all together to make sure you get the shrimp well coated and set aside for later.

Get the shrimp well coated with the marinade

Get the shrimp well coated with the marinade

Now onto the vegetables.  Slice up the onion, tomato, and peppers.  I used a julienne as this seems to be the way I normally get veggies in fajitas but you can slice, dice, or chop them anyway you want as long as you keep them about uniform in size so they cook evenly.

Julienne up the veggies

Julienne up the veggies

OK everything should be ready so let’s get started on cooking.  (Tip: throw a couple tortillas in the microwave now and set it for 30 seconds so you only have to press start later).

Start off with a nice hot pan, add a little olive oil and wait for it to get hot.  I use olive oil as it has a high smoke point so it does not easily burn and it adds a nice flavour.

Once the oil is nice and hot get your shrimp into the pan, they should sizzle and practically jump up off the pan if it is hot enough.  When you add the shrimp make sure you get some of the marinade into the pan to transfer some of that flavour, you may end up with a little too much liquid if you did not dry the shrimp well and if this is the case use some paper towels to soak it up or you will end up steaming the shrimp.

Shrimp in the pan, I have a little bit too much liquid so I soaked it up with some paper towels.

Shrimp in the pan, I have a little bit too much liquid so I soaked it up with some paper towels.

The shrimp should only take a couple of minutes to cook, they will turn a pink colour when they are done but if you are not sure take one out of the pan, cut it in half, and check.  Once the shrimp are done get them off the heat so they’ don’t over cook.  In my case I only have one frying pan so I moved them to a plate to wait while I cooked up the veggies.

If you only have one frying pan, like me, then you will have to cook the veggies in the same pan as you cooked the shrimp.  If you are lucky to be blessed with more than one frying pan you can cook the veggies in a second pan but I still recommend using the same pan as you will get some added flavour.


Once the veggies start to get tender and the onion starts to brown on the edges you are ready to throw the shrimp back into the pan to warm them back up.

P1030434Squeeze some more lime over everything and let it cook together for 30 seconds or so while you warm up the tortillas.  Careful not to over cook the shrimp so keep an eye on it.

Now fajitas are traditionally served with all the fixings on one plate and the tortillas in a dish to keep them warm then everyone can just roll their own at the table, but since it is just me I went ahead and rolled them up before I sat down at the table to eat.

When you roll up your fajitas you can top them off with a little shredded cheese, some sour cream (this is not traditional Mexican but it helps if you added too much chili), some salsa or guacamole, and I would normally add in some fresh avocado (sadly the avocado I bought today turned out to be bad so I did not get to use it tonight).

This dish is best served with a nice cold beer and a couple good friends.

Sit back and enjoy, I’m off to clean my kitchen now.


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