Tapas with Hang

I was lucky enough to spend my Christmas and New Years in Thailand this past year and even more lucky when Hang was able to fly down from Vietnam to join me for New Years in Bangkok.  We did not get to go on as many culinary adventures as we would have liked to, mostly because I got sick the day before NYE and spent all that day and most of the NYE in bed in my hotel room, but we did get to have a few dining experiences and revisited a few of my old favourites.

Today’s post is about Tapas Cafe on Sukimvit, Soi 11.  You may remember that I mentioned this place in my Heaven on Soi 11 post about a year ago and today I am going to go into more detail on this Spanish gem in Bangkok.

Hang and I were on a mission to get Mexican and at first I tried to take her to my old favourite, La Monita but was rather disappointed (see my next post) so we moved on to Charlie Browns only to find it closed. And there was Tapas Cafe right next door to Charlie Browns and it was open so we decided to step in for an early dinner.

We started our evening off with a few tapas including; Salchicon Iberico (peppered sausage from the black iberian pig), a cheese plate (with manchego, quince paste, other assorted cheeses, and pickles), a dish of olives, and roasted tomato with peppers.  As we munched on our tapas we ordered a small sangria made with good red wine, apples, brandy, and a little soda water which complemented the flavours of the tapas nicely.

After the tapas our main dish came in the form of a beautiful seafood paella loaded with shrimp, mussels, clams, and squid.

Seafood Paella

Seafood Paella

The dish was packed with so much flavour that can only come from cooking everything together in a single skillet.  The rice absorbed all the flavour from the seafood giving it a nice deep mixture of tastes.  The shrimp and clams were cooked to perfection though the mussels were a little over done as they were on top of the dish when it was in the oven so they became a little dried out.  The only other complaint I had with the dish was it was a little burned on the bottom but not enough to subtract from the over all success of the dish.

I don’t know about Hang, but I know that after dinner I was glad that La Monita was disappointing and Charlie Browns was closed or we would have never ended up eating at Tapas and dining on the wonderfully flavourful paella.

Paella has to be my favourite Spanish dish and I must say I have not had Paella this good since the last time I was in Bogotá and as this is a dish best for two or more I am really glad Hang was able to enjoy it with me.  I was not overly impressed with our selection of tapas but I will not let that take away from our excellent experience at Tapas Cafe in Bangkok and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a little Spanish flavour in a clean and friendly environment.



4 thoughts on “Tapas with Hang

    • Hi Laura!! How are you doing? I have not been back on wordpress accept for posting something here, which apparently not enough, happy new year and hope you’re doing finely!!

      • I’m doing DANDY! (for the most part) I always look for your posts but I know that school and everything must keep you busy. I am back at work now-only part time, but that’s okay. Yesterday my football team advanced to Super Bowl so we are yelling and screaming and eating and drinking all at the same time and that takes a LOT of practice so you don’t choke to death! hahaha, I’m SO funny. I am posting a novel that I started for NaNoWriMo, I put a few paragraphs out every day, keeps me in shape and it’s good practice. I think I’m almost done with it. (You’d think I’d know, wouldn’t you) and then I will start posting about day to day again.
        You take care. Good to hear from you Hang! And you too Eric!

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