Breakfast at the KAfe

I got back to Hanoi after Bangkok to warm weather and a fresh breakfast date with my friend visiting from Ho Chi Minh city. It was a beautiful Sunday morning and I was driving slowly as what that hot guy Adam Levine from Maroon 5 told me to. Today we are heading to the KAfe. Located in the very central part of the city, this new and trendsetter urban café have been on my spot list for a while.

If you’re in town you should definitely visit, it’s pretty urban chic I would say, beautiful and well organized, very cozy and it gives you that relaxed vibe. I felt like sitting in a café has never been that classic, when you enter the door you will be nicely hit by the awesome smell of baking from the kitchen, that was already enough to make you wanna happily skip to your table, and then there’s this outdoor balcony where you can sit under umbrellas and still enjoy the sunlight, or sitting inside is not bad either as they have all glass walls so you can still be exposed to the beautiful weather and have nice view. (I will snap some proper photos of the restaurant next time I’m there)

The food is actually not really a wow factor, but it is not bad. It is not amazingly delicious but it is definitely not bad, we had basic egg on toasts and they were all nicely served. I had a zesty lime cupcake later but thought the cream could be smoother and less sweet. But my friend’s waffle was the best!!!

Here’re some photos for you. Definitely a should-try whenever you make your way to this little town of Hanoi!

Ciao ciao!


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