Happy New Year!


Dear readers and friends of Eating off the MAP!

Happy New Year of 2014 to each and every one of you! We are very thankful for your stopping by our little corner on the web and reading about our eating experience. It has been a first eventful year for the blog and this year resolution for us both is to write more blog posts and help Eating off the MAP grow stronger, even if it means gaining some extra weights. And if only that is all what it takes 😉

This past 2013 has been truly a whirlwind, we couldn’t stop asking ourselves where the time has gone (Or that’s more just me!)! Thank you for motivating us to be better with our sharing, and it has been inspiring to read all of other fellow bloggers’ stories and learn from those. We definitely will strive to offer more good stories of our own (and more on a regular basis) on the blog and make 2014 yet another true food adventure wherever our food craves and curious stomach(s) take us to.

This picture was taken at the Golden Mountain in Bangkok, where Erik and I got together for the New Year celebration. So we’ll be kicking in 2014 blog-wise with some posts from Bangkok soon.

Here’s to a bright and shine year ahead of us all!

and while we’re still at it, I want to share this favorite photo from Bangkok on Erik’s photography site.

Happy 2014, everyone!


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