Dip, Dip, Dip, and nacho chips

I think it’s time I continue my series on airport food as this seems to be where I eat a good portion of my meals… You may remember my last airport food post consisting of really good looking French Toast in Australia, well this time I think I will go in the opposite direction with the “Irish” pub (sorry forgot the name already) in terminal 2 of Singapore’s airport where I had Dip,  Dip,  Dip,  and Nacho Chips.

I was looking for something quick and the dish looked promising in the menu which described it as fresh nacho chips with chili con queso, guacamole, and fresh tomato salsa. Basically chips and dip, how could I go wrong?

Well I guess I could let the picture speak for its self, but then you may think there was something, no matter how small, good about the dish so I will tell about my experience (after all that’s what this blog is for).

First off the fresh chips were well on their way to stale and may have been fresh out of the bag a few days ago.

The chili con queso was nothing more than the cheese sauce you can get at just about any 7-11 in the states (basically watery melted yellow “cheese”).

The guacamole,  well let’s just say they got the color kind of right… It was green after all.

The fresh tomato salsa, well this was fresh out of the bottle or jar and just about tasteless.

And the last problem; the chips did not even fit into the dip dishes.

Now don’t get me wrong I ate every last bite, I just didn’t enjoy it.



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