Breakfast at Tashas

I think this post has actually been a couple of months in the making and way past due. I feel I have been ignoring both this blog and my other one and sadly I don’t see this post as an end to this neglect as I’m embarking on almost a month of travel for both work and fun in a couple of days. I have been diligently taking pictures of my various meals but I never seem to get around to the actual post. Well here I go with breakfast at Tasha’s.

As I said this post has been months in the making, mainly because the memory card in my phone with the pictures went bad. I actually went to Tasha’s this morning so think I finally have the media I need. Please enjoy

Tasha’s is a small chain of boutique cafe located around the Johannesburg area that serves breakfast, lunch and a very early dinner (they close at 6 on week days).  There are two Tasha’s located near me and I have been to both and noticed that in addition to the standard menu each restaurant has a separate menu that appears to be unique to that location with a small selection of specialty dishes.  I have had breakfast at Tasha’s several times and lunch a couple of times but as the title suggests this post is going to focus on breakfast.

The omelet was stuffed with tomato, potato, sausage (I think chorizo but can’t remember), green chilly, onion, and cheese.  The filling really needs to be diced up smaller as the flavors don’t really blend well with the large chunks.

I can say that everything I have eaten there has been superb, with the exception of the huevis rancheros which I found to be a little on the acidic side.  My favorite two dishes are; at the Morningside location the sweet corn cakes and at the Atholl location el mariachi.

A few pictures of my various breakfasts at Tasha’s, please enjoy.

The sweetcorn fritters comes with 2 corn fritters made with whole corn topped with cherry tomato, avocado, arugula, bacon, and an optional egg (or two) cooked however you like it.  The sweet taste of the corn blends nicely with the salty bacon and the tangy taste of the tomato while the fatty flavor of the avocado rounds the dish out.  I like this served with a slightly runny fried egg so when I cut into the yolk it dribbles down into the dish.

El Mariachi is a scrambled egg served with cilantro, avocado, diced tomato,  freshly grated Parmesan cheese (not the best fit for the dish), with a couple of lime wedges to squeeze over the top.  It comes with a flower tortilla on the side which is nice to use to make a breakfast burrito if it is not too dry.  They often warm the tortilla by putting it in the oven but they don’t steam it like they should so it is usually a little dry.  To eat simply squeeze the lime over the top and either role a burrito or just dig in.

Both of these dishes look like they would be very easy to make at home and some day when I am not lazy I will try to make them for myself (I will post about it if I ever do).

Hope you enjoyed,



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