… Meanwhile on the edge of nowhere

Our hero (that’s me) races along the N3 about 300 KM out of Johannesburg on the way to Durban.  He steps on the gas trying to squeeze a little more speed in an attempt to escape the treacherous foe that is fast on his bumper.  If he slows or looses focus the weariness that stalks him will catch him and throw him from the road.  It’s beginning to look grim, our hero is going to be caught, but then after kilometers and kilometers of nothing but; cows, and fields, and fields with cows, and cows in fields our hero spots something in the distance that gives him new hope.  At first he doesn’t dare believe his eyes but as he draws closer to the mirage on the horizon his heart begins to quicken and his vision sharpens to razor precision his eyes confirm what he sees is really there. Just Ahead in the distance,  on the long and empty road is a building.   But this building,  surrounded by fields of cows and cows in fields as it is, is not just any ordinary building, for this building serves food.


Click the picture to get a spherical panorama of the field with cows.

We now join our hero locked in his epic battle…

As I approached the distant building the signs told me the exit was only 1 kilometer away so I reached down and firmly grasped my turn signal, I firmly pushed the signal down indicating my intention to merge to the left.  I glanced into my left hand mirror and over my left hand shoulder and besides the wariness hot on my bumper the road was clear, it was safe to approach the exit.  I placed both hands on the steering wheel with a firm grasp at 10 and 2 and applied steady gentile pressure turning the wheel slightly to the left bring my chariot across the empty lanes on the left and onto the exit.  I removed my foot from the gas and applied firm but steady pressure to the brake pedal at the same time I used my other foot to press down on the clutch while I firmly grasped the gear shift and using precise motions shifted into a lower gear while lifting my foot from the clutch.  I repeated these actions as my chariot approached the stop sign at the end of the ramp, deliberately coming to a stop (so I don’t get smashed by oncoming traffic).  The wariness that has plagued me for the past hour is no longer worth thinking about, the battle is over and I have won.

I reach the end of the ramp and come to a stop at the T intersection, I can see the building that is my salvation on my left and slightly behind me but I can’t focus on it now, I need to check to make sure the road is clear for me to turn.  I look to my left and there is nothing but empty road as far as the eye can see.  I look to my right and there is a red car speeding towards me, I judge the distance not sufficient for me to get out in front of the car safely so I decide to wait.  After the car speeds by I see the road is empty behind him and take another glance to the left to make sure the road is still clear before applying steady pressure to the gas pedal and turning my car to the left.   One more turn about 500 meters off the exit and I am pulling into the parking lot of Makiti where my adventures have just begone.

I pull into a parking space bring my chariot to a stop and switching off the engine.  I open the door, get out, and immediately stretch the wariness from my bones, the fight is over and now it is time to explore this strange new place.  The first thing I see is the giant ants (or maybe termites) climbing on the building and I fear I must enter another battle but it seems some other wizard has come before me and cast a spell on them turning them to metal, I am safe for now.  As I enter the old wooden door I see other sines of the epic battle the wizard must have had as there is a giant lizard forever frozen in its metal prison climbing down the wall.

I enter the building and glance around, my eyes are drawn to the ecliptic collection of various crafts and other junk on sale with no seeming order.  A man behind the counter greats me and says “restrooms are there on the right and the restaurant is down the hall”.  My eyes did not see anything of interest and it seems the wizard who had come before me had successfully eliminated all the threats so I proceeded to the restaurant, after a short stop at the restroom which I will omit from the story.  I walked in and was greeted with even more junk piled up on a large table which seems to be the owner’s book, but before I could move more than a few steps I was attacked by a ferocious furry beast.  I reached down to smite the beast but before I struck I realized it was a friendly dog just wanting his ears scratched, so I checked my battle rage and vigorously rubbed the little dog behind the ears.

The ferocious furry beast

The ferocious furry beast

OK at this point I think I am going to stop the adventure story and just write this as a normal post, I am starting to stretch my imagination beyond its limits and it’s starting to hurt :D .

I asked the owner if I might sit outside, he said that was fine and someone would help me shortly.  I went out and around to the outside tables but there was a group of locals sitting around drinking, smoking, and making quite a racket so I decided to look for a quieter place to relax and found my self a seat in the sun near the front.  After sitting there for a few minutes I went back in to see where the someone who would help me was, it seems she had looked for me where the noisy people were but had not thought to look for me at the other table and had given up and gone back in.  I told him where I was sitting and he said he would send her in a moment so I headed back to my quiet table in the sun.  A moment later the waitress showed up with the menu almost at the exact same time as the rain drops started falling on my head, so I decided to move back inside.

After reviewing the menu I ordered the traditional chicken pie, which turned out to be not that good.  When it came it was a little greasy with a slightly soggy crust without much flavor.  There is not much else to say about it but this is a food blog so I felt I must mention it.

After I ate I went back outside, the rain had stopped, and looked around a little more finding 2 turkeys and a family of pigs but not much else of interest so I snapped a few more pictures, got back in my car and headed off to fight the road again.

My advice to anyone who is traveling down the N3 from Johannesburg is to just keep on going, there is not much to see here and you will come to some better food selection in about 50 – 75 KM.  My advice to anyone on their way to Joburg is if you are hungry and passing Makiti turn back and go about 50 – 75 KM to where the other restaurants are, there is not much else before you get to Joburg.

If you would like a 360 degree virtual tour of the outside click on the image below.  Wordpress will not let me embed a sphere from 360cities.com so I have to do it this way.

Spherical Cows-3


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