Dinner at Cosy

I am back again with another post from Democratic Republic of Congo and hope to have at least one more from here before I leave. Kinshasa is one of those places in the world where it can be difficult to get around unless you; have a car, have a driver with a car, or know someone with a car or driver.  And while I do know a few people with drivers I don’t expect them to drive me everywhere when I want something to eat and while the project I am working on has cars and drivers they already work 12 hour days most days so I would not feel right asking them to work late to take me to dinner.  So basically I have no way to easily get around to find dinner so my options are the hotel restaurant, which is not very good, or finding somewhere I can walk to.  Kinshasa in general and the area around Hotel Le Voyageur (where I am staying) in particular can be a dangerous place to walk after dark, or during the day for that matter. Luckily Cosy Grillhouse and Bar is located just down the street a 2 minute walk from the hotel front gate and they have pretty good food, though it is rather expensive.  I have found myself walking down the street most nights just to get away from the hotel restaurant.  This post is about my visit Friday night (same day I ate at Gekkos) and the meal that resulted in me eating way to much. 20131004_201455 Dinner started out with a Tembo beer which has a nice red color and almost reminds me of a nice Irish red.  Tembo is locally brewed in DRC and is one of the more popular beers.  The important thing is that this is the first time in DRC where a beer has been properly pored resulting in a good head.


After ordering my beer I asked what the soup of the day was, and found it was carrot and pumpkin soup was and being a fan of pumpkin soup I decided to order the soup.  When it came out I must say it has to be the worst carrot and pumpkin soup but it turned out to be really good French Onion Soup, nice and thick with lots of onions in the broth and two croutons covered in cheese floating on top.  The only thing I would have done different would have been to server it in a crock instead of a bowl and with more cheese dripping down the sides.


For dinner I first ordered the pan-fried pork chops, but unfortunately they are no longer available so I settled on the cubed filet.  The menu described the dish as pan-fried in olive oil with a coating of sea salt and fresh rosemary which sounded rather good to me.  I ordered an accompaniment of sautéed potatoes.

The filet was nice and tender and cooked to protection but if it had been seasoned with sea salt and rosemary I sure couldn’t taste it.  I was a little disappointed in the filet as it was really under seasoned.  The accompaniment of pan-fried potatoes was also under seasoned and in dire need of salt.

The star of the evening and the jewel of the dinner was the tiramisu, which is made in-house from a “secret” family recipe.  The tiramisu is served with a sauce on the side, the first time I had it the sauce was raspberry and it was strawberry the first time.  The tiramisu did not have the overpowering coffee flavor that most others have but a nice subtle coffee flavor that blended perfectly with the rich creamy marscopone and a mice dusting of chocolate powder over the top.  The raspberry sauce is what really mad the dish stand out from others I have had adding a nice sharp and slightly sweet raspberry taste that just finished the dish off perfectly.  The second time with the strawberry sauce was good but no where near as good as the raspberry sauce,


I doubt this will be the last time I stop at Cosy during my time in DRC, I have one more week here and expect I will be visiting a few more times.

Hope you enjoyed and looking forward to seeing you next time.



4 thoughts on “Dinner at Cosy

  1. I make a pretty wicked french onion soup and I have to say that one looks pretty good. It’s one of the easiest soups to make but it’s something that requires quite a lot of time. I have the recipe on my blog somewhere. It’s only onion, oil and water. The tiramisu looks wonderful too!

  2. It’s late at nite and my mouth is watering at this tiramisu. i think both sushi and tiramisu will be added to your ban list #justsayin’

    • I only remember one place that had tiramisu in Hanoi and I don’t think it was very good La Luna or something like that we wrote a post about it. I’m sure there are other places in Hanoi that have it so your assignment for December (I will give you to the end of the year) is to try as many tiramisus in Hanoi as you can find and write a report on who has the best.

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