My Mekong vibe

Call me crazy but yesterday I partied hard on a Thursday night, had way a little too much of drinking and screaming, got back home at 4a.m and managed to get to work at normal hours, been hanging in decently at work, and at the end of day have the mood to drag my lazy self to this blog post that I’ve had lying on my Desktop for way too long (clapping hands!).

I have been so stuck at words, been sad, been low, been dying to express, and frustrated with the fact that every note I have on all the possible ideas that come in my mind, never got developed further than 3 sentences. And I used to be so different! I am beginning the last year of my twenties being very sensitive and nostalgic. Changes, more responsibility, more awareness and self-acceptance – all sort of things that came and contributed to my long pause from blogging. Oh well, Life! But I miss writing, and hey, I’m back!

After the first few months getting busy with the new job, I rewarded myself with a 2-week vacation  down the Central and South of Vietnam. In no particular order of time, I will hopefully share with you stories from some destinations of my trip here on the blog. First of all, Mekong Delta!


Though I have been to different parts of the Mekong river in Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia, my Vietnamese Mekong always gave me a  thrill. A mixture of being proud and a loving feeling for the nature and the people here.

This post does not involve too much of the food aspect, but mostly the scenes I’ve witnessed along the river. It is like being somewhere familiar yet so different, there’s so much to see and experience. It took me a while to get what they say and they don’t know what my northern accent/ wording and I were trying to tell them. So we took some time to adjust, in endearing eye contacts and great smiles, something that warmed my heart.

Here are some photos I took during my short visit. You’ll see the floating markets where there are many boats doing trade on the river. Each of the boat owner hangs the product they sell on the bamboo stilt for people to notice what to expect, each boat only sells one kind of products, and this is mainly agricultural products harvested from the Delta. I found the trading scene very fascinating and  already plan to go back and live here during the summer next year, can’t wait to explore the life and foods here in a slower pace, slower than my boat ride!

I hope you enjoy and stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “My Mekong vibe

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  2. Really nice photos! I took a daytrip to the Mekong while in HCMC and it was good, but unfortunately didn’t see as much activity as in your photos.

    • Thank you for the nice comment, sorry I have been taking a long pause from blogging. I’m getting back to posting more regularly and hope to see you around on the web! Nice week ahead!

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