Rain, rain, this time you can stay!


Today is a rainy day, while running errands over lunch time I was wondering between buying something quick to eat back in the office and then continue with my long to-do list, or braving the rain to La Place for a little cozy time alone. After much thought (I mean 2 minutes), I opted for the latter.

If you’ve been following us you know La Place is quite a regular place I come. Today they have a new drink, not too new it’s for June but since I haven’t been here for the whole month, let’s call it new! Strawberry and Aloe Vera Blended. Given my unhealthy skin condition lately I picked that without a doubt and it actually didn’t disappoint! The blended strawberry and ice tasted delicious and with cubes of fresh aloe vera which is like jelly mixed in, great combination! I love jelly and aloe vera is healthy for my skin so this should be my new favourite drink here!


the crystal thing you see on top is not ice, they are cubes of fresh aloe vera, how cool! I thought it was ice at the first glance!

And for the main course, I chose the sweet pork with rice. The rice is soft and soaked with all the juice from the stir fried pork and veggy, making it a soft and juicy flavorful dish in a whole. And I don’t go a bite without the soy sauce! Just another enhancement to the mix.

Some snapshots to quickly share with you while I am having lunch and taking a stroll down my memory lane in La Place in this rainy moody weather. Hope the world is doing okay.

No writing on the table today!




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