A belated birthday post

Everyone! Hang here!

Last week it was Erik’s birthday. And I forgot about it.

We were talking all morning on Skype and I didn’t say Happy Birthday.

It might not be as important to him but birthdays for me in general are really meaningful and I want to make the birthday person feel special (I normally can sing the birthday song and chicken dance along in public for people), and then I forgot his day. So I felt bad.

Recently I’m in a transition between jobs, I miss my old environment, I miss being the happy me, and I’m stressed out with being great at the new place. I was so focus and then I was forgetful.

Later in the day when I found out it was his birthday, I got him an Angry Bird baking pan. I know he would love an Angry Bird-day cake. Ha ha!


And yesterday he was flying from Papua New Guinea to Fiji for work, and got some lay over time in Brisbane to explore a great dining place called the Spanish Garden Steakhouse. It was so good he had to jump in and tell me about it, and promised a post to be up on the blog within an hour or so. Since no post was up until today, I decided to apply some serious sanction. And after much discussion ( I mean all the punishments I have for him), he mentioned since I forgot his birthday, my punishment should be to write his post. I thought it was fair enough, so here it is I am blogging for him. This is all that I know about Erik’s dinner yesterday: it was at the Spanish Garden Steakhouse and I have 3 pictures (that he sent).

photo(4) photo(2) photo(3)

So because I decided to hate him after the first picture since the steak looked really succulent and good, I could not have more information to tell you. And a Fiji moment later (after a lot of Papua New Guinea diving moments accumulated from before), I decided he can just stop talking to me (or I will probably just die of jealousy).

So if you are interested in the Spanish Steakhouse, I’m sure Erik will be able to tell you and post more photos about it.

And if you think I am a little extreme, look at this:



I mean Fiji, OMG!!! He should be hated, right?


Happy birthday, still :P!

*Fiji photos from Tourism Fiji


One thought on “A belated birthday post

  1. Hang,

    Thank you for the birthday wishes, the angry birds cake pan, and writing my post for me. So far the Fiji I have seen is nothing like those pictures. I have seen the airport and the 1 hour of traffic between the airport and my hotel, but I am looking forward to seeing the Fiji in the pictures you posted.

    Thanks again for the birthday wishes,


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