colors of hanoi – pt. 1

Everyone, welcome to this tropical city of mine – where it gets steamy hot in the summer, where traffic gets chaotic and you hear nonstop honking from the main streets (as lively as what I am hearing right now sitting in my new office), where you see fascinating things (by that I can mean strange and crazy things), and mostly everything local is different from wherever you may be, but what am I doing as this can go on forever? This is my Hanoi and I love every moment living my local life here. And I’m excited to introduce my new project: “Hanoi True Colors” to walk you through some of the lively, smiley, romantic, hustle, fascinating, crazy, rough, exotic, authentic… all the possible things I will ever come across and all those possible or impossible adjectives that my non-native English allows to capture my experience, nothing planned, only spontaneity and you’ll be with me, let the project begin!

Before I start, have you seen these photos? And more of Hanoi from my friend Sara. Her blog is really amazing! I will go ahead and take the pride in being shameless to not feel intimidated by these great photos from my friends. I don’t have great photos, but my genuine intention is to share with you what I see, what I feel while observing life; and to be able to give the world an honest share of my part to the calmness and craziness that coexist in every people and every corner of Hanoi. That is all that matters, and in fact a great excuse to keep me going, you can’t judge a good intention even with bad photos can you? I think I like the word “honest”! 😉

This Saturday morning I spent some time shopping at Long Bien fruit market, located under the famous Long Bien bridge – this is where people get fruits for wholesale price and from here the fruits get purchased and transported everywhere in the city to other local markets. I came down a bit late for such a wholesale market, transactions start pretty early from before midnight until 5 or 6 a.m in the morning, heaps of people come and go trying to get the best deal out of the fruits they are selling/ buying, it is always very loud and busy all night; so I came at 8 a.m with not much of scenes to be found, there are still things to buy in the market but by then it was rather quiet. Here are some snapshots from the day and I present you my Hanoi Tropical colors.

Until next time!




5 thoughts on “colors of hanoi – pt. 1

    • Hi Siobhan, thank you for the nice words!

      I read your new post about Hanoi and really enjoyed it. I hope you guys are having a fun time settling in!!! Already a follower of yours, and maybe we can meet in real life too!!! Look forward to more posts about your Hanoi experience!!!!

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