The Butcher is in

Hello all, I am back after my short break moving to South Africa.  I have not completed my move yet but I felt it was time to put up a post or two (maybe another tomorrow).

Today I will tell you about my visit to The Butcher Shop & Grill in Nelson Mandela Square near Sandton City in Johannesburg.  If you are in Sandton area and want a steak this is a good place to go as they feature an in-house butcher shop and a good selection of steaks and other dishes.

The meal started with a basket full of very soft bread and a small dish of home-made sausages.  I think the sausages were beef sausages and while they had the texture of a Vienna Sausages the flavor was much better.

I decided to have my favorite, rib eye, with a side of mashed potatoes and onion rings (which were more like onion straws to me).  I ordered my steak grilled to medium rare, there was a selection of sauces but I am a purest when it comes to steak so did not select any.  When my steak came it was cooked to perfection, with just the right amount of marbling and my first (and every other) bite was full of good flavorful, juicy, tender steak.  The onion rings (straws) and mashed potatoes were good, though the potatoes were a little dry without adding some gravy and butter. I washed the meal down with a nice cold draft Stella.

I am sure I will visit this place again though there are a few other steak houses around Johannesburg I want to try first.


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