May is for new starts

and why not start with some fresh shashimi!

I just have to post these beautiful food photos we had for lunch at the Sushibar. It is a good Japanese restaurant in the West lake area of Hanoi, my friend took me here for the first time today and I didn’t have anything to complain, consider the fact that I have tried various Japanese places in town.

Aren’t those raw delicacy beautiful? And beautiful food always makes me happy!

Hope everyone is having a good week! It’s already May and I just realize it is such an interesting coincidence that both Erik and I are starting new things today. Erik is relocating to South Africa (how cool!) and I am starting a new challenging job! It was interesting to think back that both of us start to work for the same company this time in May like 5 years ago, and are experiencing new changes on the same day 5 years later. I hope it will be another memorable journey ahead of us both!

Cheers to that!











4 thoughts on “May is for new starts

    • Laura it’s the coleslaw salad with seaweed and crab egg. The creamy sauce is japanese mayo sauce! It was super delicious! I like how the egg pop in my mouth!

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