Le Petit Bruxelles in Hanoi

Today was such a beautiful day in Hanoi when spring is finally here. We spent all the afternoon and evening going to open air concert and a symphony! Between the two we stopped by Le Petit Bruxelles in the small street beside the Cathedral Church to enjoy a little early dinner before heading to the symphony! It was indeed a day full of sound and music for me as apart from the shows, along the dining experience at this restaurant we could also hear people singing and bell chimes from the church during their Sunday afternoon session. My friend ordered the duck filet with green pepper sauce and potato croquettes and I had beef filet with pepper sauce and we shared a country salad.


Duck filet in green pepper sauce with potatoes croquettes


Beef filet with pepper sauce


Country salad

This restaurant is located in a much quiet street at the side of the Cathedral St Joseph, serving a variety of Vietnamese, Belgium and European specialities and Belgium beers. They have a spacious dining area both in and outdoor and the staff are very friendly. While it was getting rather dark I was looking for a table with  proper lightning in order to snap our food photos the waiter was nice enough to let me sit where I initially preferred and brought out a tall lamp for better lightning.


I had my beef cooked at medium rare and it was pretty juicy and flavorful, while I would prefer more dressing on my country salad I liked the way they serve it with homemade bacon. The duck filet was very nice and tender and my friend enjoyed it. I would recommend this restaurant as they have such a cozy atmosphere for you to chill and enjoy a beautiful day, and not to mention that the food was well served and tasty. It has been long popular in Hanoi.

I also want to share some photos I took during our open air concert in the afternoon. There’s this high end concept fashion store Luala located in the most luxury shopping corner of Hanoi aiming to promote contemporary art in one of their many out-reach activities. So from the beginning of spring, every weekend they host free live high quality music performance in front of their store. With also the purpose of connecting the majority of people with different kinds of music in the most simple-mannered, easy approach, the shows take place on the pavement. This Sunday it was this traditional Vietnamese band (Lang Toi) performing folk-song-inspired music with various traditional musical instruments. We enjoyed their mixture of authentic traditional musical materials with a modern twist of electronic music and found it interesting to sit on the pavement just casually chill and enjoy the show.  Despite a quick heavy shower the show went on in the continuously applause and support from the audience, I could really see moments of passion going on on stage while the artists saw their audience giving them so much credit for their beautiful music and the effort of continuing the show. I was inspired by their happy faces and smiles.


Vietnamese bamboo flutes



On a side note I believe you notice I haven’t been blogging here for a while and I just realized I miss it. Things just happened to get crazy with life lately and I have been trying to adjust and get back to normal.

I felt a little bad for neglecting the blog but now that I’m back I’ll  keep it regularly with updates on my healthy diet project that I’m doing recently.

In the mean time, spring has sprung, ‘d better enjoy while it lasts. Use some sprinkles of that life-loving factor on y’all!  And I’d say “do adjust to taste!”

Be well everyone, until I see you next time!



2 thoughts on “Le Petit Bruxelles in Hanoi

  1. Nice to see you back. It’s good to take a break once in a while but I miss your cheerful, upbeat posts, too. Lucky you, having French food and symphony and traditional music all in one day! Love the pictures of the food and musicians. So wonderful.

    • Hiii Laura i hope you are doing well, i miss having your comments! Sorry I have not been present on wordpress as much for some proper catch up! ;(

      Yeah i miss the upbeat me too, and im trying to come back to that! xo

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