It’s never too late to bake cookies

It has been a while since my last post and I am sure it will be a while before my next but I think that I am at a point in preparing for my move where I have done enough to be able to take a short break and stop neglecting this blog.

Last week I drove home to Williamsburg, VA to visit my parents and my brother’s family. And as my housemate is currently renovating his kitchen (there are no counters and the only appliance connected is the fridge) I had not had the chance to cook anything in a while and as my parents have such a nice kitchen I had a small urge to cook something. I did not really know this until around 9:30PM when I was looking for the snack food my parents usually keep around the house for my brothers little daughter, their grand-daughter, but could not find anything. I asked my Mom “Where’s the chocolate, or do you have any cookies?” but alas she told me there was nothing. At this point it was probably too late to run off to the store for something as silly as some cookies so I turned to my other option… baking.

I pulled out my cell phone, yes I have a new one since my last one died a month ago and I have totally forgotten the old one now. I did a quick search for peanut butter cookies and found a recipe that looked promising but I was confused by the total prep time and cooking time of 2 hrs and 45 min until I noticed they required 2 hours cooking time. By now it was close to 10:00 and while I had a strong desire to eat a peanut butter cookie I really wanted it sometime before 12:45 the next morning, so back to the internet to find another option. I found another one from that boasted a completion time of only 45 minutes so I set out on a quest to find the required ingredients (my Mom keeps a well stocked kitchen so I had no problem).

I’m not going to copy the recipe over here for you, but if you want to make them please just click the link above and you will find it.  I would make one suggestion though and that is to add a little more butter or a little shortening as I think they came out a little dryer than I really like.  You may also try lowering the oven temperature a bit and cooking them a little longer, I would love to experiment with these and let you know what works best but I am home again and without a kitchen to work in.  Oh I also replaced the creamy peanut butter the recipe asks for with extra chunky which is a million times better.

After the first batch came out of the oven nice and hot and smelling fantastic I put them on the cooling rack and slid the next batch into the oven than anxiously awaited the required 5 minute cooling time so I could have a cookie.  (Oh BTW through out this process I am Vibering with Hang about my cookies and she made me promise to ship her one).  After the cookies were cool enough to eat my Mom and I both grabbed one and took our first bites… success the cookies were as good as they looked and smelled, though as I said a little drier than I liked (the second batch came out a little better).  At this point my Mom said goodnight and headed up to her room and I waited on the next batch to finish.  When the next batch came out of the oven and went on the cooling rack I took a few minutes to let them cool (and clean up my mess) then grabbed one and headed up to my own room to get a little sleep now that I was happy and had my cookie.

Hope you enjoyed



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