Vietnamese broken rice, and I will scare you if I title the rest!

Hello world,

It seems I haven’t actually posted anything substantial for too long. That reminds how I like to have my blog partner around and he does all the things for me, he takes me out, he is the photographer (by the way have you checked out his new photo website? I think it is awesome), he takes pictures and he blogs about my food. (Evilly grin). When laziness kicks in I want my life made easier just like that. Blame him!

But to tell you the truth I have been stuck for a while now..

The fact is I have grown very close to this little blog of ours that there’s this urge in me to keep sharing not only my food, but more importantly my stories behind those, I feel like I have found the forum for my expressions, I found my responsibility in keeping the blog lively, and keeping it me for my part. And the ‘me’ today wants to rant. (OK you can run away now!)

These past 2 weeks have been so strange to me, a cycle full of exciting moments and contrastingly low, sad ones. I woke up in a good mood and I sing love songs, and at the end of day I got back home with a heavy head, and my energy level down to zero. I’ve been relaxed and then I freaked out, I don’t worry much until I do, and I panicked. I stress out with figuring what I’m gonna do next. I have been uninspired and my mind was blocked. That’s pretty much it. Oh, but I still eat! Disappearing from your food blog doesn’t mean you starve yourself, cool fact! (Few!)

The good thing about situation like this is I have good people to talk to, many of them. It took me a lot of pep talks and time for realization, that this little problem of mine is not gonna go away any time soon, but I need to give it time to settle, and I sit down and face with it. (“Hey almost-30-year-old crisis, you want a beer?” — pop open a Hanoi bottle)

Today my boss took me out for lunch and we came to this interesting Vietnamese broken rice restaurant.

Broken rice seems to be lighter and less nutritious in comparison to intact rice, it doesn’t give you that heavy feeling after eating a bowl of rice with savory toppings as it seems if you eat the same amount of intact rice. The broken rice has been very popular in the southern part of Vietnam normally served with BBQ pork and sliced pork skin, pickled daikon and carrot, soup and fish sauce. The savory toppings now vary from pork to beef, chicken, seafood, from BBQ, to sautéed, from steamed to fried to clay pot styled. It was interesting to look at the colorful menu and the variation of toppings to choose from. My boss picked the standard BBQ pork, with sliced pork skin, and I went with fish cooked in a clay pot. It feels very Vietnamese, also light and delicious, I do suggest you try it when you’re in Vietnam. Bear in mind that the Central and South make the best authentic version of this! Plus they tend to be more generous on the toppings.

Picture 004

Picture 003

Picture 005

Picture 006

We spent lots of time during lunch talking about life, work and travel and he boosted my confidence in doing what I’m gonna do. This man knows a thing or 2 about making things seem easier, trust me.

And to look at the bright side I have loving family and friends, I have a boy who gave me flowers and beautiful bracelets, and this crazy city of Hanoi in full blossom where every day I wake up I see flowers and sunshine. But you know what’s the best part? 2 of my lady friends just told me today why bother worrying when I have a cute hair cut. Now that means everything, cos I love my hair probably as much as I do my phone. So the next time you’re in Hanoi I’ll take you to Vietnamese broken rice, and you can touch my hair.

Also I am excited to share with you my healthy diet program starting from next week, when I try to eat in often and spend more time in my own kitchen and not someone else’s. Stay tune, and be well everyone! xox



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