Room service in a box

If you have ever been anywhere in Asia you have seen the tiffin style lunch box which is basically stackable tins that you can use to carry your rice, your meat, your vegetables, and whatever else you may have with out having it get mixed all up until you are ready to eat it.  These are a popular, Eco-friendly way to carry your lunch wherever you go.

I have recently been traveling in and out of Bangkok on my way to Vietnam and Myanmar and have been staying at aloft hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 11, and while I would never advocate eating room service when you are in Bangkok (and this post is not an endorsement of the aloft room service) I did order it a few weeks, or maybe it has been a couple of months ago when I first arrived from the US in route to Vietnam. I got here late and I was exhausted and starving so did not feel like going out to find food and ordered room service, I know I will forever be shamed by that cowardly act.  Anyways the food was mediocre at best and nothing worth blogging about except for the delivery method, which included a “modern” take on the tiffin style lunch box made from colorful stacked plastic boxes and a metal spring loaded clasp.


I guess this makes for a nice convenient and easy way for the room service team to deliver your food as they just have to grab hold of the handle and bring it on up, it does however present some challenges when it comes to actually eating, especially if you are eating something like a sandwich that you need to pickup.  I like their idea and out of the hundreds of hotels I have stayed in, this is truly the first unique delivery method I have seen.

So now the question is, what’s inside… so I opened the clasp (actually the room service guy opened it and laid it all out for me but I stacked it back up so I could take some pictures).


The first layer contained the condiments, which in this case consisted of nothing more than a packet of ketchup and a packet of mustard.  I really could have used some salt as my fries were a bit bland, but alas there was no salt to be found and I was too lazy to call and ask them to bring me some.


Layer 2 had a rather small portion of steak fries that had almost no salt on them.  I lifted my fries off and set them aside to reveal the 3rd and final layer.


Layer 3 contained my steak sandwich and this is where the box made it a little difficult to eat as I had to kind of dig my fingers in along the side to grasp the sandwich, which instantly fell apart as I tried to bring it out.  The sandwich was described as “Grilled Australian beef with layers of veggies, fried egg, and BBQ sauce on whole grain toast served with steak fries”.  And yes all of that was technically true and all the components are there (if you look closely you can see a tinny bit of browning on the bread from the toaster) the execution was not really that good as the steak, the main part, was a bit stringy and a little under cooked, plus it was one big piece (cut in half with the rest of the sandwich) making it a little difficult to bite into.

I will not bore you with any more details on my mediocre room service dinner, after all the main focus of this post is the delivery method and not what is actually in the box.

And for those of you who were sad to hear my phone died I want to give you an update on the life of my various positions…
Since the phone died my watch band broke (5 days ago) and today my laptop died leaving me with only my tablet and my kindle (yes I am a gadget lover) to entertain me.  I guess it is a good thing I am going home in a couple days so I can get everything fixed.

Stay tuned for 2 more posts from Bangkok coming up in the next few days (or weeks depending on how lazy I am or if my tablet decides to follow my other items into the grave).

I also wanted to take a moment and thank all our followers for your support and encouragement with all the likes and comments.  In all honesty  when I first started this with Hang it was a lot of fun but I did not expect us to get many followers so I was glad to see our follower count gradually increase as time goes by.  Also looking back it was only a couple weeks ago when I was in Vietnam that Hang and I were watching our hit counter waiting for it to roll over to 1000 visits getting so excited when we finally crossed the 1000 mark, well last I looked we were over 1700 and moving rapidly to 2000.

Thanks again everyone for the support, it is a pleasure to share my stories with everyone.



3 thoughts on “Room service in a box

    • Laura, thank you for the comments and support and I am glad to hear you like our little blog and look forward to sharing more stories. Thanks for the wishes of luck with computer and phone, both I can fix or replace when I get home in a few days.

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