On the streets of Bangkok

Bangkok is one of my favorite places in South East Asia (though a little behind Hanoi) and one of the best things about Bangkok is the rich variety of street food you can find.  If it can be grilled or fried you can find it, if it is boiled or roasted you can find it, in fact you can find just about everything you could want.   Since I think pictures speak louder than words I will leave you with pictures of everything from raw chilies, to chicken sate over a charcoal grill, to fresh made stir fry, and everything in between.  Enjoy and don’t get too hungry, I know I did posting this.


These fish are great, they are covered in salt then cooked over an open flame


Chicken sate cooked over a charcoal fire. The shape and design of the grill makes it not only portable but capable of generating intense heat


Stir Fry, they will make it the way you want it from a selection of ingredients


On my first trip to Thailand I only saw one of these VW Mini Bus bars in Bangkok and another one on Phuket, when I was there 2 weeks ago I saw 5 lined up on one street.

BKK-6 BKK-5 BKK-4 BKK-3 BKK-2BKK BKK-7 BKK-8 BKK-10 BKK-14 BKK-15 BKK-22

Hope you enjoyed, until next time



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