There’s Mexican in them there houses!!!

OK I have to give credit for this find to one of my coworkers in Bangkok who has been to Yangon many times.  We were sitting around the office talking about Mexican food and my upcoming trip to Myanmar and Prim said, I know a good Mexican restaurant.  Of course I asked for the details, being a lover of Mexican I have to try to find it no matter where I am.  Now came the challenging part; i had a name, Sai’s Tacos, and I knew it was near the US Embassy but I had no other information, not even a street name.  This is where Google came to the rescue, I did a simple little search for Sai’s Tacos, Yangon and right away I had a few things to help me.  The most helpful was tripadvisor  who was nice enough to put the address up making this much easier to find.

There was a ferocious tiger mask hanging on the wall, looking over my table

There was a ferocious tiger mask hanging on the wall, looking over my table

So on Thursday afternoon when it was time to go find my lunch I gave the address to the driver and asked to go there, turns out it is not to far from the office.  At first we almost passed it as it is quite literally in someone’s house so if it had not been for the bright red and green Sai’s Tacos painted on the gate post I think we would have gone right passed and missed it.  My driver dropped me outside the gate and headed off to complete his other missions, meanwhile I started strolling down the driveway worried I was walking into someone’s private residence and thinking “I am going to get shot for trespassing”.  Well not only did I not get shot but as I got closer I noticed the Sai’s Tacos sign painted on the door and decided to head for the door and give it a try.

I opened the door and felt like I was stepping into someone’s dining room except there were a few extra tables around, off to the right I noticed a door leading to the rest of the house with nothing but a curtain blocking it off and  nobody around.  I sat down at one of the empty tables and as I leaned my elbows on the table I noticed the top was not attached to the base as I almost flipped it over dumping the contents all over the floor (luckily no food yet).  Disaster averted I was about to get up and try to find someone, but before I could get up someone came out to bring me a menu and an ordering slip, you pick out what you want and mark it down on the slip.  I looked through the menu and settled on a chicken (or maybe it was pork, I can’t remember but I know it was not ground beef) burrito with a side of chips and guacamole (yes I always get chips and guacamole).

I put the battery back in my dead Galaxy SII hoping beyond hope I could squeeze enough life out of it and snap a few pictures.  My first attempt brought nothing but a buzzing phone and a blinking flash on the back, so I took the battery, SIM, and memory card out waited a few moments and stuck the battery again.  But it was not to be, the phone refused to do anything but growl and flash at me.  I was about to give up when all of a sudden it came to life-giving me the ability to snap a few pictures of my surroundings and my food when it came.  However I have not been able to bring it back from the dead a second time yet so as of now I can not get my pictures off the phone.  Well you know what they say, if you resurrect one phone another phone in the world dies (that is a book reference, 10 points if you get it) so if your phone died all of a sudden; I am sorry and know that its sacrificed it’s life so that I could take pictures, even though I can not get those pictures.

Since I can't get the pictures from my phone I present this master piece of modern art in its place.

Since I can’t get the pictures from my phone I present this master piece of modern art in its place.

As I sat there pondering the sad fate of my phone and how I would continue to function without constant access to email, Facebook  Foursquare, and all my games (I just know I am going to lose all my stats in temple run AND temple run 2), a basket of chips and a dish of guacamole appeared before my eyes.  I could tell both were fresh made in-house which was a nice surprise as the place did not look like it had much to offer.  The chips were fresh out of the deep fryer and still steaming hot, the guacamole tasted of fresh avocado with a little bit of onion and a nice sharp taste of red chilies mixed in.  Honestly this was better than some of the guacamole I had in Mexico.

Happily munching away on my chips and guacamole with my nose in my kindle, I was able to momentarily forget about the death of my phone until the burrito came and I could not take any pictures of it (not that there was much to take pictures of).  It was fresh out of the oven still steaming on a piece of wax paper sitting on a wicker plate and I couldn’t wait to take a bite of it.  For once I was able to dig right in without having to take any pictures so I picked it up and took my first bite.  I still could not tell if it was chicken or pork that I was eating and as far as burritos go it was nothing special, in fact it was just a flour tortilla stuffed with beans, meat, and a few other things that tasted of mostly beans.

My first and only experience with Mexican in Yangon was nothing special and I don’t think I will ever return, the place just has too many bad memories of my dearly departed phone…  It did live up to it’s promises though, it was a restaurant that served Mexican food in Yangon, Myanmar and I don’t think I could ask any more of the place.

I hope you enjoyed my Mexican adventure in Yangon, and that you will forgive my crude artwork this time.  I promise future posts will have actual photographs.



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