Don’t panic, your tablet’s still alive.

Today Erik told me his smart phone is dead.

My first reaction was to evilly grin on the fact that somebody now will not have a phone to reach to waking up every morning (life of an IT guy who travels frequently and needs to catch up with work  regardless of different time zone – well knowing that doesn’t keep me away from teasing him). Though you can believe that my relationship with my iPhone is pretty deep, I blog with it, I heavily-filter my life with it, I talk to it, I caress it and kiss it goodnight (who doesn’t when your phone case is full of colorful aztec design, right? Right!), and I didn’t say I don’t reach for my phone first thing in the morning; let’s focus on me seizing chance of teasing people. Just I can’t help it!

And then I started to question myself how many percent of my life is gonna be different if one day my phone dies? No quick email on data service? (that I do think I can live with), no alarm clock with snoozing effect in the morning? (right,  I don’t own a real clock in my house anymore), no Viber messages? no Instagram? (No!!), no facebooking aka. connecting with the world? (Really?)

Well you know it can be convenient how technology does make life easier for you in so many ways.  In this world of social media rising so fast, everything can be made accessible within a tap, very easy and user friendly for you. And I don’t even think we will discuss Steve Jobs here!

And so good news is, while Erik is trying to figure a snoozing alarm from his very old non-smart phone (Wish him luck!), he still has his tablet for quick emails.

This actually reminded me of a Japanese restaurant near our office in Hanoi (Nijyu Maru – 35 Quang Trung street), we once went there for something quick one dinner and they had us order everything from a tablet! (Though I really don’t understand the need of a tablet for ordering while they still have many waitresses guiding you thru the process, telling you what food is what, asking you if you want fresh beer or bottled beer, things that a tablet doesn’t do). I came to realize that they just want to be different from others in the business with the current economic downturn, they want us to remember their tablets!

So we ordered from a tablet!



Our Japanese menu

We quickly picked what we wanted, and they didn’t take too long to come out. Here are some pictures of what we had:


California rolls


Fried dumplings


Grilled salmon


BBQ pork with leeks


Grilled oyster with cheese and green mustard

Well all I can say is the food were not really special, we didn’t have one fantastic meal that day, but they succeeded if what they want is to make a difference, apparently we only remember their tablets now.

All in all we both thought that was kinda fun – the idea. I guess I can tell them to stop focusing on tablets and make better foods.  And on that note, I think it is actually cool to stay away from the smart phone for some time, be less connecting, enjoy life the way it was before, it’s okay, it’s doable, and I will be alright!

And while we are still discussing phone topics, this made me laugh. Anything to piss Snape off! Now I wonder why isn’t Harry Potter on Instagram?


7 thoughts on “Don’t panic, your tablet’s still alive.

  1. I love the idea of California rolls being a bootleg version of sushi made up for American tastes in America, but then migrates back to Japan and becomes a regular part of the menu at some establishments over there. I suppose a tablet would be a nice idea in a restaurant where you can’t guarantee every person on staff is proficient in different languages. That way you could allow for multiple translations of a menu on the one device.

  2. You know that since my phone has died I am not going to be able to take pictures of everything I eat unless I bring my big camera around with me everywhere and I don’t want to do that. So you may not get any posts from Myanmar or even for the rest of this trip.

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