The writing’s still on the table

It was my last night in Hanoi, I had a morning flight to Bangkok and was looking for one more good meal before I went back to the office and worked all night.  As we walked out of the office we looked at each other and said La Place, we started this trip there we figured we should end it there.  So we climbed on Hang’s motorbike and headed off to La Place.

When we got there found out that they had just gotten a resupply of chocolate.  Now this not just any chocolate, it is the only good chocolate made in Vietnam from the good cocoa beans that grow in Vietnam but most of it is shipped out of country.   Marou is about the only company making good chocolate in Vietnam and it comes in many different strengths starting at 67% or 70%.  Now I have only tried a little of the 70% which was good so I can not comment on the others.  But most importantly they have nice bright packaging.

Vietnamese Chocolate from Marou

Once again we had the bun cha, and while it was good it was not as good as the last visit but I am not going to get into it again.  The other dish on our table was the day’s special, banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich).

Bah mi Vietnamese Sandwich

Banh mi Vietnamese Sandwich with Uncle Ho (Ho Chi Minh) looking on in the background

The sandwich was on a slightly crusty french baguette filled with sliced roast pork, carrots, been sprouts, and assorted greens.  The sandwich was good but not the special something I was expecting and I think I really need to go to Central Vietnam to experience the true banh mi sandwich.

Not as good as my visit earlier on this trip or a couple of years ago but still a good restaurant that I would highly recommend.

I still have one more post to do from Vietnam and hope to have it up in a few days, but as it predates this post I will say that here ends my culinary journey around Hanoi.  I hope you enjoyed sharing my experiences with me, and I look forward to sharing my next adventure with you.



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