The cow says: Moo

My last bite of steak
The other night Hang and I were walking out of my hotel lobby trying to figure out what to eat for dinner and we both looked at each other and said at the same time, “western”.  Now with our goal of eating western in mind we just had to figure out what type of western food to eat.  It just so happens that earlier that day one of the guys in the office recommend Moo Beef Steak( as one of the best steak houses in Hanoi so we decided to head out and get steak.  We pulled out our phones and started searching the web looking for Moo and found it was not too far from the hotel, but feeling a little lazy we decided to take a taxi so walked back to my hotel to get a cab.  Moo has 3 locations around Hanoi and we ended up at Moo 2.

Walked in the door and took a look a round and my first impression was, “this looks kind of like a steak house” there were western motif pictures on the wall, one brick wall, and everything just had a little bit of that out west steak house feeling to it.  A quick look through the menu confirmed my suspension that this was indeed a steak house with a good selection of different cuts of beef, I am sure there was other stuff on the menu but I was only interested in the steak.  After a quick look at the menu Hang and I had our orders ready.  We would both have a Hanoi beer to drink, Hang started out with cream of asparagus soup and I started out with cream of potato and leek soup (one of my favorite soups other than French Onion) and that we would start with an order of garlic bread.  Now to the important part, the steak…  both Hang and I decided to order the medium size (180 g) rib eye, Hang ordered hers medium well with cheese sauce and I ordered mine medium rare with no sauce.


The only place in the world where Carona is the most expensive beer on the menu

The only place in the world where Carona is the most expensive beer on the menu

The first thing to arrive was the complementary bread with a chicken liver pate spread, followed almost immediately by the soup.  The bread it’s self was rather small and not being a big fan of pate I just dipped my bread in my soup.


Hang's cream of asparagus soup

Hang’s cream of asparagus soup

Bread with chicken liver pate

Bread with chicken liver pate

After splitting the rather small roll our garlic bread arrived, and I was really looking forward to this because anything soaked in garlic and butter can’t be bad, can it?  Sadly this garlic bread was neither soaked in butter or in garlic but was just a round of focaccia bread with a little garlic butter spread on top and almost no garlic taste.

The good-looking, but somewhat dissapointing garlic bread

The good-looking, but somewhat disappointing garlic bread

As we finished up our bread and soup the main course was delivered, our steaks had arrived.   Now this is the part I was looking forward to and could hardly wait to dig in, but being dutiful bloggers we stopped to take a few pictures to share with our ever-growing following… so I hope you enjoy.


Hang’s steak with cheese sauce

Hang said her steak was pretty good but the sauce was a little sweet, I took a small taste of the sauce and it tasted almost as if they had mixed the cheese in with a little sweet mustard.

My steak without any sauce

My steak without any sauce

My steak was cooked a little less than medium rare but still within what I consider edible so I dug in.  This is not the best steak I have ever had nor the worst steak I ever had, it was just an OK steak but since Hanoi is not really known for its steak houses I think it may be one of the best you can get in town.  It definitely needed a little something more as far as seasoning, and I would have liked it a little thicker cut.

These were listed on the menu as “American Rib Eye” but while a good quality cut of beef these were not USDA grade A steaks and I think they would have been better off selling New Zealand or Australian beef as for one it is a much closer market so the beef would have been fresher.  The steaks were garnished with a small side salad; consisting of a piece of lettuce, a couple of slices of tomato, and a few slices of cucumber and a small side of french fries (for me) or mashed potato (for Hang).

As we were enjoying our steaks our server brought out yet more bread, this time a couple of rounds of flat bread with some rosemary mixed in.

Flat bread with rosemary

Flat bread with rosemary

Served warm and fresh out of the oven this was by far the best bread of the evening.

Our steak consumed we paid our bill and decided to walk back to my hotel to give the food a chance to settle, and stop for ice cream on the way (who wouldn’t want to stop for ice cream???

So we took the long way back and stopped at Fanny for our ice cream.  I had a piece of ice cream cake with cookies on the bottom, mint chip ice cream, and lots of chocolate sauce and Hang had a dish of chocolate and rum raisin.



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