Something sweet and homemade from me to you

I don’t think we can ever run away from this automatic reference when it comes to any occation you celebrate love, chocolate will always be involved.

I have been thinking of doing something chocolaty for this Valentine’s Day and when I continued to brainstorm on something quick and easy, the Japanese Nama Chocolate came up to me. This is an easy dessert to make and share with your loved ones on such an occasion, and I came to make this with the anticipation to share it with that special someone of mine, too.

Picture 020

“Nama” in Japanese means “raw” or “fresh”, with the heavy whipping cream used to mix with the chocolate, it gives you a “fresh” and tender texture of the chocolate, given its freshness this should be kept in the refrigerator and served within a couple of days.

What I like about this is that it is moist and rich, very delicate and the silky chocolate can literally melt in your mouth.
It can be pretty similar to the French chocolate truffles, even easier to make as you don’t have to roll the chocolate balls, nama chocolate comes in square shapes. As a frequent guest at my friend’s chocolate shop in town for their truffles, I love the rum flavor in those delicious chocolate balls they make, so with this V-Day nama chocolate edition I figured I could pour in some flavorful liquor too. No rum available in the house so I used this creamy Baileys, which is totally a good mix as there is heavy cream in the mixture, so some cream liquor could not really go wrong.

Picture 026

Here’s the recipe:

– 200 grams of dark chocolate ( I used the 65% chocolate as I don’t like  it sweet, if you are a sweet tooth you can use sugar in the recipe)
– 100 ml of heavy whipping cream
The ratio for cream and chocolate should always be 1:2 so just remember the ratio if you don’t have the exact same amount.

Step 1: Use a knife and chop the chocolate in small pieces so they can melt evenly in the next step

Picture 024 Picture 025

Step 2: Heat the whipping cream directly or you can put it in a bowl above hot boiling water; keep stirring to make sure the cream get warm evenly. I think they should be heated 80% close to the boiling point, but this is pretty relative to me, I use my instinct aka. a finger tip to test the heat of the cream, just feel it hot enough for the chocolate to melt in then you should be fine.

Picture 002

Step 3: Turn off the heat and pour the chopped chocolate in the cream, stir them until they are completely combined. Add the Baileys and give it some more stirring as the liquor blends in. ( sorry, forgot to snap a picture of the final mixing)

Picture 007

Step 4: Cover a baking pan with wax paper. Pour the mixture in and shake the pan so the chocolate distributes evenly, then refrigerate until it gets firm. ( I ran out of wax paper so here I used the plastic food wrap and it worked well)

Picture 010

Step 5: After 2 hours in the fridge, take the batch out and use a knife to cut them in cubes. Run your knife thru hot water and wipe it off with a dry cloth, there should be not a single drop of water sticking on your knife.

Step 6: Sprinkle cocoa powder on the chocolate cubes and you are ready to impress your loved one(s).

Picture 012

And you can put those in a gift box if you want.

Picture 015

Picture 019

Happy Valentine’s Day!




5 thoughts on “Something sweet and homemade from me to you

  1. I love it and can’t wait to try it. But like you I don’t like my chocolate sweet and I think with as much cream and cream liquor that goes into this I would use an even higher percentage for the chocolate maybe even 78%. I can also think of a little twist to this to add a little bit of bite by using Lint’s dark chocolate with chili.

    • Yes I would love the chili chocolate and i bet it will go really well with this recipe, but we dont have dark chocolate with chilli here, for sure i know it would turn out really well! Think the chilly and silky chocolate melt in ur mouth in 1 shot? Yes! Too late for shopping for you now?

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