Beef steak with black pepper sauce. Oui!



Everyone, welcome to the Loft Stop Cafe, located in a small alley right behind the main street where the Sword Lake is in the central of Hanoi, it has been my favourite bakery place in town, (partly because I have only tried their cakes, but they serve Vietnamese and Western cuisines too). My friends and I have a more regular casual cafe place closer to the lake which is 5 minute walk away from this Loft Stop cafe and so most of the time we would only stop here to get something sweet, and then walk back to our casual place to have a glimpse of the Sword Lake and people- watch from where we sit. Anyways today we didnt mean to drink coffee.
In the quest for a place to eat over lunch time and do some long lost proper catch up, my friend and I have been driving from street to street to find a place that opens. Weird do I sound? Not really, if today is the last day before the Lunar New Year (Tet) kicks in in Vietnam, just like Christmas time for the West, Tet is a huge thing and is all about family. And people tend to leave town early for their home, so there are not enough staff available to operate restaurants, and most things are closed during this time of year, when everyone’d rather gather with family members, sit back and think hard about their life achievements; starting from a couple last days of this Dragon Year, mostly everyone has been heading home. And so when I almost gave up on a place to eat and was close to faint as I havent eaten anything all morning, we pass by the Loft Stop Cafe – our frequent stop for take-away bakery and they have always been good, i figure the food can’t really go wrong either. And we can’t forget the fact that it was open! Oui! So we stop and for the first time, sit in a table in the cafe and chill while waiting for the food to come. And I found out the cafe belongs to a French – Vietnamese couple with their little mix raced beautiful daughter running around the place to help out casually, it’s indeed very french in style. The chef is also French so I jump right to the conclusion that this is a French place, oh and they have menu in French and English translation underneath, it must be, right!? And homemade french baguette is served with the food, now we all agree its a French cafe! Of course with a mix of a Vietnamese touch!

And as it always has been, something unexpected would always turn into something extraordinary, in this case I mean the food at the Loft Stop cafe was also very delicious! Just like their cakes! And the beef steak with black pepper sauce was beautiful, savory, soft and tender, crisp from the golden brown fried outside and very juicy from inside, I don’t have a thing to complain. And because it’s a family- run business so the owner was there to make sure everything was alright and smile with you when you order, tell you to stay and chat as long as you like when you finish, and bid goodbye with even a bigger smile that leaves so good of an impression in you, it’s like hypnotizing you, that pretty sure you will be coming back!

I’ll post about their desserts next time!
Aurevoir for now!



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