Grilled fish and fresh sashimi – made my day!

Hello world – how have you been?

Sorry for me being so lazy lately with posting and competing with the frequent traveler and food explorer Erik B. here on the blog, while I was off duty you can still be assured that I ate, twice and sometimes 3 times daily (most of the time when I’m home I’m never early enough for breakfast), had some amazing delish dishes, and a seafood coma; failed an attempt to make Japanese mochi with strawberry that was tasty but not up to the nice looking shape I expected so no chance you will see those on the blog; and I just got back from a recent business trip to Nha Trang. This was where I had the seafood coma, you see this beach town on the South Central coast of Vietnam, has amazing long line beaches and one of the most beautiful bays of the world, a destination for scuba divers and seafood lovers. Well, I am just the latter, I know you figured. But yeah, i had that! I’ll sort out the photos and will hopefully be able to show some photos of all those dishes from Nha Trang, maybe in another post.

But for now, just so you know, I am back, and today Japanese food made my day. And here’s what I had:



Look at those slices, fresh and juicy and melting gently in my mouth in a great mixture of dipping sauce of soy sauce and mustard, heavenly hot!

And, grilled fish! Yes!


And Japanese Okonomiyaki, my favorite Japanese savory pancakes with flakes of dried fish on top, such a killer!


And while i was so determined at lunch time today to give my mochi making career last longer than just once; you can have a look at this mochi stuffed with ice cream ( I know, Japanese people are amazing aren’t they?!) and picture my next mochi batch come in the exact beautiful little nice round shape like this, the next time I try!

Until next time, please be peaceful, world!



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