The food is always better on the other side of the wall

I had been told that the hotel next to mine had a nicer restaurant and better food so I set out on my great adventure to the other side of the wall to find out for my self. My journey started in Monrovia with a leisurely stroll down the drive way of the Cape Hotel.  When I reached the street I turned to my left, walked 15 feet and started heading up the driveway to my destination, the Mamba Point Hotel. I could see right off the bat that this was a nicer hotel than the Cape with a restaurant, sushi bar, and a casino it seemed to have much more to offer and had a newer look.  I headed up the drive way, walked into the lobby, and asked where the restaurant was.  I was told up the stairs then to the right so, eager to reach my journey’s end, I started my climb up the stairs in search of good food at the top.  I arrived at the top and looked to my right and to my dismay all I saw was a closed double door with dark glass windows and no sign.  In my confusion I looked left and I looked  ahead, but all I saw was more closed doors with dark windows and no signs.  After a moment of confusion I decided to try door number 1 (to the right), I cautiously approached, pushed on the door, and walked into the restaurant.  Finally I could sit down and relax for my quest was at an end.

After a few minutes of browsing the menu I decided to start off with humus with meat to be followed by the fish of the day, local caught barracuda, grilled with garlic butter sauce.  By the time I had finished typing this (actually about 5 minutes ago) my homes arrived.

The first thing I noticed was the slight smell of pine which was baffling at first but quickly became clear as I noticed the pine nuts mixed in with the meat.  This could have just been my nose playing tricks on me because pine nuts don’t really smell that strong, or even smell of pine, but that’s not important to the story so let’s just move on.  I took a break from my posting grabbed a piece of pita, sadly it was cold, and loaded up with a nice helping of humus.  The humus its self was nothing out of the ordinary but the pine nuts mixed in with the meat gave it a nice unusual nutty flavor.


Now I will take a short break from blogging, enjoy my humus and await my barracuda.

Ok I’m back and my belly is full-time to finish this post.

My fish came shortly after I finished my humus and while the waiter had described it as a whole grilled barracuda it tuned out to be just a barracuda stake, which is a good thing as these fish cam get rather long (I have seen them up to 3 feet long).  The fish was accompanied by some nice crispy fries, some very over cooked vegetables that kind of reminded me of school peas and some lemon butter sauce on the side.


Being a lover of fresh fish I was looking forward to this fresh barracuda. I took my first bite plain without any sauce and was disappointed to find that not only was the fish a little on the dry side but it seems the chef neglected to do any seasoning before grilling it so it was also a bit on the plain side.  I drenched the rest of the fish in the lemon butter sauce which greatly reduced the dryness and added some much-needed flavor making it a little more enjoyable.

I ate about 2/3 of the fish and most of the fries but skipped over the mushy over cooked veggies and asked for the check.  I waited about 10 minutes for the check, paid, and then sat around to do a little more reading before starting the long strenuous walk 5 minute back to my hotel on the other side of the wall.

This may not have been the best meal I have ever eaten but it was defiantly better than the food on the other side of the wall back at my hotel.

Sorry for the lousy pictures it was getting kind of dark and I only had my phone with me.



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