Sundown at Lila Brown

This is my first post done completely on my phone…

Tonight I decided to walk across the street from my hotel to Lila Brown hoping to watch the sunset as I eat.  While I did not get the sunset over the beach I really wanted I did watch the sunset over the barbed wire and broken glass-topped wall.


I sat down and asked for a menu to which I received the reply “drink or food”.  I thought about it for a moment and decided I wanted both… however that was not to be as they apparently don’t have a drink menu (my first clue).  A few moments the waiter came back with a Xeroxed menu on three pieces if paper stapled together at the top and looking like it was created in MS Word by someone who did not really know how to use it (my second clue).

Now I put my two clues together and deduced this must be a new place which I quickly confirmed by asking the waiter.

The menu was rather simple with a few appetizers including; veggie tacos, mozzarella sticks (one of my favorite things when they are made fresh but not too good when frozen, spring rolls, and a few other things.  There were a few salads listed but I don’t trust salad in developing countries like liberia because you never know how they wish the fixings, so I recommend avoiding salad in any developing country unless you know the place well.  On to the sandwiches, and the end of the menu. They had a decent selection including some mini burgers (saw them at another table and they looked OK), a chicken sandwich or two, the premium stake sandwich (which I am awaiting as I write this on my phone), and a quesadilla.

I ordered my sandwich and a Castle lager, sat back, relaxed, and waited for my dinner.


My sandwich came with a couple unexpected dinner guest in the form of 3 or 4 cats.


The sandwich consisted of a bit of over cooked steak, some grilled peppers, mushrooms and onions, avocado slices (why I picked this sandwich), lettuce, and what tasted like mustard and mayo though I am not sure of the sauce. Accompanying the sandwich was a generous helping of fries, a side of ketchup, and a side of guacamole.

Now that I have finished my meal and the plate has been cleared my dinner guests have wandered off in search of dropped french fries.

Over all the food was OK but not great. The bread should have been toasted, it could have used a little more avocado, and the steak was a little over cooked. The fries were crispy and about what you would expect from french fried potatoes.

At $18 + a 2 dollar tip the meal was an OK value for the sandwich, beer, and a bottle of water and I am sure I will be back again.

The best part of the meal was sitting there listening to the waves on the beach.



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