Cheeseburger in Paradise

On Wednesday last week (Jan 2nd) I was on my way back from the morning dive trip with Deep Blue on Cozumel when they asked me if I wanted to go back to my hotel or to the Money Bar for lunch while I waited for the boat to pick me up for the afternoon dives.  This came to me as a bit of a surprise since I did not know there was an afternoon trip scheduled but I was glad to go out again so I just had to make my lunch decision.  Of course this was not much of a decision, I had already eaten at my hotel which was not that good and I had been told the Money bar had the best cheeseburger in Cozumel so I told them take me to the Money Bar.  10 minutes later the boat pulled up along side the dock at The Money Bar (part of the Landmark Resort if you want to try to find it), I climbed off the boat and the dive master handed me my camera and dry bag as he told me the boat would be back in about an hour to pick me up.



Having made up my mind that I was going to try the cheeseburger I did not really take a look at the menu beyond the drinks and waited for some one to come take my order.  After a few minutes I placed my order for a glass of fresh made lemonade and a bacon cheeseburger, then sat back to read and look out over the beach while I waited for my lunch.  I did not have to wait too long before a big juicy bacon cheeseburger materialized before my eyes (OK it was really placed there by one of the servers but I was looking the other way when they dropped it off).

The burger came in a lightly toasted bun (a very important step that many places seem to forget) with melted cheese dripping down the side and crispy bacon sticking out of the bun.  Topped off with just a little mayo and ketchup  and accompanied with a nice pile of golden crispy fries I could hardly ask for more from my burger.

Cheeseburger in Paradise

I picked the burger up with both  hands and sunk my teeth in making sure to get plenty of bacon in my first bite.  The burger was cooked to medium temperature with a warm pink center and still dripping with juice.  There was nothing fancy about the taste just Black Angus beef, sharp cheddar cheese, the bacon, and the light coating of mayo and ketchup inside the nice crisp bun.  But it did not need anything fancy, it was the perfect classic burger.  Thanks to the toasted bun and light coat of mayo (works as a moisture barrier preventing the juices from soaking into the bun) the bun did not get soggy and remained crisp throughout the meal.  Just like the burger the fries were nothing more than they appeared to be (really good crispy fries).

Not having eaten any other cheeseburgers on the island, why would I with great Mexican food all around, I can not say if this is the best cheeseburger on the island but I think any other place would have to try really hard to top it.

Still one more post to come from my New Years vacation in Cozumel, should be up in the next day or two.



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