Vietnamese wrap and roll


Hello world from the beautiful mountain town of Da Lat – 2000km away from home! It is such a romantic little town surrounded with pine trees, rolling hills, cascading waterfalls and countless pretty flowers everywhere. And i have a thing for beautiful clear blue skies ( a rare thing in the hustle polluted city of Hanoi nowadays sadly). So here I fell in love!

I will surely show you more colors of Da Lat when we go explore around the town tomorrow, this is just a quick post on my first day to share with you one of the very famous dishes you can find in the central and southern part of Vietnam – the grilled minced pork wrap and roll, and the place we went today – Mrs Hung’s, at no. 254 Phan Dinh Phung street (Nem nướng Bà Hùng) is the most recommended one in Da Lat! And we can really see why; juicy and delicious grilled fresh minced pork wrapped with crispy fried flour rolls, lettuce and herbs, with sour pickles in the rice paper, finishing off with an excellent dipping sauce with a great balance of all the mixing spices, this is definitely a place you should try if you are ever here!

Actually Da Lat is pretty well-known for many other savoury dishes, fresh fruits and desserts, I so can’t wait to keep you all posted with my food adventure here for the next few days! In the mean time, I hope you enjoy my clear blue sky and the first day tasty finding! And stay tuned for more!










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