It’s a BBQ day outta town


And the whole office was going! Yes my office people are real fun together, we love working together and seeing each other 8 hours a day sometimes is not enough we went on day trip outta town pretty regularly, together and with family members. And today was a good day out when the weather favored us well, it was cool and dry, food grilling on charcoal was smokey awesome and caramelized, the place outta town turned out to be a super convenient and beautiful cozy 2 storey house with spacious greeny grass garden, a pool and a small football yard, and the kids were all super thrilled to play with friends, running and chasing each other, folding paper boats and set sail on the pool. Kids heaven an hour drive from Hanoi! And it was so fresh and relaxing to be in the suburbs! Here are some food pictures  I took while being the sous-chef for one of my colleagues! Yes and i felt important! 😉

It was a fun day!






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