On gloomy days I listen to love songs…

… and reminisce on old memories while sifting through my travel photos…


(and I found this picture Erik took of me climbing down the stairs of Angkor and I like it)

It was during our lunch time on the first day we were in Siem Reap, Cambodia that the idea of Eating Off The Map came to mind. Nothing too fancy what we ate, deep fried ginger with pork and chicken stir fried with basil and lemongrass, but since that day we have become so food-pic aware, started taking photos of what we eat, and somehow wished for a rewind button for all those other places we had been before that trip, for just one more food picture please! 😉

It is inspiring for two food lovers to get together and start brainstorming on such a topic, all initial thoughts were about sharing with the world what we eat, but there is also the love and appreciation for food from around the world, for the local culture that lies within the food and strongly influences the way it is cooked; the passion in traveling and embracing on those adventures, the urge to discover and the excitement while enjoying those local cuisines and good foods in general. We also had some Mexican and Italian, but as a travel and locality enthusiast, in this case for Cambodia, my mind tends to only recall its Khmer dishes. And just like lemongrass to the Thai, now I have ginger to the Khmer for you (everyday we had something that is stir fried with ginger and it is so interesting, even for a neighboring Vietnamese); and fish amok (Khmer fish curry wrapped in banana leaves and then steamed) is no doubt the most popular dish among visitors and I justify the Why! Sorry for not having a photo of the amok as we had it for dinner outdoor and the light was too dark for a decent one. But it is really good and you should definitely give it a try!

Now, take me back!






Photos by Erik and me.


5 thoughts on “On gloomy days I listen to love songs…

  1. @My French Heaven, you know what? I am craving for the fresh fruits from the farm market you posted. 😀 Guess I could use some desserts after those meaty Khmer dishes

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