Food at the ashram



Hi again, this time from Trivandrum, I am at Sivananda Ashram for my short yoga vacation before heading home, nicely they have wifi signal down the hall for us during breaks, which I believe they didnt a year back as what I learnt from a good friend of mine who stayed here last time, so I thought I’d post some food pictures of what we eat everyday here at the ashram, basically Keralan Thali (meal served on a plate combining a little bit of everything), very basic and pure veggy, nothing too special just a share of what I eat here for the next couple of days! Very simple but the food is actually good!

Everyday we wake up at 5:30 in the morning and activities start at 6, we do satsang, chanting, listen to teachers’ talks, asana yoga for 2 hours in the morning, then brunch, and afternoon chores, another 2 hours of yoga and then dinner, another satsang session at 8:30 and then lights out at 10:30 pm. It is very peaceful and quiet here and I am enjoying it, I am thinking of staying here longer for the next time! Now that my trip is going towards the end I keep telling myself how I wish I could stay longer and travel more in India, I am actually not that ready to go home yet.

Anyways the good thing is I am missing home foods and can’t wait to post more of what I will be spoiled with when getting back in the beautiful little town of Hanoi! Tell you what I already have a plan of what to eat everyday back home next week, so hopefully we will have several new blog posts. In the mean time I am enjoying my 2 Thali meals each day with a fruit salad in between occasionally (the fruit salad is not included in the program but there is a Health Hut selling healthy drinks and fruits); and feeling the sore around my back and legs while over-stretching in yoga class. Hope you are thinking positive thoughts! Namaste!



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