Visiting the backwaters in Cochin, Kerala


Hello world from Cochin, Kerala! After an awful 24 hour long bus ride from Goa, I am now in Cochin, and Fort Cochin to be exact. Today we went on a day tour venturing around the open backwaters of Cochin on boats and it reminded me of the southern province of Ben Tre back home in Vietnam, where they had the same kind of model for the floating village and the coconut ville

During the morning cruise we stopped at a local family garden and our guide showed us different kinds of spice trees, and then spent the whole afternoon chilling on a house boat enjoying the river scene and its surroundings. I love that they don’t use motorized boats so we can really feel the ambience and the silence of the waterways!

Basic Keralan lunch was served, all vegettarian and it was a modest lunch I would say, we were really hungry at the end of the tour, so instead of getting dropped off at our homestay, we asked the driver to take us to the Chinese Fishing Nets area where there are fishing nets lining along the northen shore of Fort Cochin, they have been there since the old times and become a familiar photographic image of Kerala

And you know what’s best here at Chinese Fishing Nets? There’s a small fish market right next to it selling fresh seafood with unbelievable reasonable price in comparison with what we have at home. We spent 550 rupies ($11) for a kg of mini lobsters, 2 fish and a couple of fresh squid, and there are people standing right at the fish shop telling you they would cook the food you just bought for an extra of 200 rupies, and today we were taken to the Little Maxim’s, a waterfront eatery with kitchen the size of a closet, and the food was grilled beautifully! I am in the seafood heaven and I don’t want to leave! Here are some photos of the backwater tour and of course several foodie images. The first one is our Keralan veggy lunch and the last couple shots are the juicy and delicious grilled seafood we bought and got served at the eatery!

It is lovely to be in a small nice town far away from home enjoying the good spoiled life of a tourist and now I’m off to my Ayuverdic body massage appointment! Cochin is the land of Indian massage and you would judge me if I don’t seize my chance wouldn’t you?

I’m off to Trivandrum for a couple of disconnecting days so see you when I get back to Vietnam in a week or so! Have a great week everyone!











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