Take me on a date in Arambol!


I always think of Italian cuisine as something romantic and beautiful, and eating on the beach of Arambol at the Relaxed Inn Restaurant is delicious, and surprisingly inspiring it made me want to go on a date. Romance in an Italian place on the beach, with the sound of the waves as background music, view of the walk way like this, oh yes, please!

I had the best king fish here and not to sound boring to you but every single time my friend and I eat here we would always go for the Fish Caldeireda (king fish cooked with vegetables and served with boiled or mashed potatoes), it is the best king fish I’ve had, fresh and juicy finely cooked with onion, red and green pepper in a super savoury sauce, and the potato feels like it melts in your mouth.

Today we ordered Fusilli with prawn and zuchini; and Calamari along with the fish and they all tasted amazing and beautiful! I can’t help but blogging about it as it is one of the most satisfying meals we’ve had, and Relaxed Inn has proved to be one of the best worth recommending restaurants in Arambol, also one of the most relaxed places as well, family run, staffs are all relatives, cozy atmosphere, friendly people with lovely kids who excitedly want to help adults with waiting tables. It is about the beginning of the high season in Arambol beach, last week we stayed it was still very quiet and this restaurant was run by a middle aged couple and an old man, after a week things started to get busier and we can see the whole family has come to support running the place. Including the kids! Last night we got beer handed in by a little shy boy, I will remember the eagerness in his eyes holding the beer bottle in his hand, when his mother walked him to us, it is one of those moments you think nothing is really more important than a child having fun! And this you can actually witness!

This is definitely a great place to be, and before you picture a fancy Italian restaurant, Relaxed Inn is just a modest family-run guesthouse with an excellent restaurant that everybody in Arambol would stop by regularly, chill out, enjoy the ocean view, wait for the food, and be satisfied! Food may take a while to be served but you relax and enjoy the wait, which I’m certain it worths, plus actually, noone is in a rush at Relaxed Inn!






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