Eating with a view


A few quiet days spent in Hampi (Vijayanagar), the ruined “City of Victory” on the south bank of the River Tungabhadra, India has been so peaceful. After a happy vacation in Cambodia, I landed in the hustle city of Bangalore, and spending a couple of my first India days running around this city adjusting to life here had been a bit crazy. I was in a minor shock.

And so Hampi after Bangalore for me was truly a much needed therapy. We spent 5 days exploring around this dazzling once Hindu capital, visiting beautiful old temples and enjoying the long-spilled scenery view of golden brown boulders and green leafy banana fields. A great place for watching sunsets, and everyday we were mesmerized!

My favourite stop in Hampi was Mango Tree, a restaurant hidden in the banana fields on the river bank, with the dining area facing the river and this gives the restaurant an excellent view. Customers can just sit on the stone terraces in the restaurant and enjoy the wonderful river view, listening to the sound of water running along the boulders and be totally relaxed. Just like that anyone could spend a whole lazy day chilling in the place contemplating the nature.

Mango Tree has a various menu and offers a good selection of local and western dishes. Indian food here is authentic and delicious. I had one of my best Indian meals here with the mushroom masala (“masala” means a mixture of spices), and vegetable curry with chapatthi (a kind of Indian flat bread), and lime juice here was a great choice!

It was too dark for me to take photos of the food as we headed there for dinner after watching the sunset on the river, but i would highly recommend the place for its food. A must-try place for anyone who visits Hampi, plus it does not cost much for a dining experience with such a view like this. A regular Indian dish here would cost you less than $4.

Only one thing to be aware, you will have mosquitos and flies as frequent visitors while chilling here later in the afternoon as it gets darker, but that’s how things roll in India, I guess it wouldn’t be as much fun without those!






2 thoughts on “Eating with a view

  1. I love the blog header and title. I would encourage Hang to fill his/her(?) profile details. Most experienced bloggers-photographers generate more traffic if they reveal just a small amount about themselves. It puts a more personal/real touch to the blog and for the audience.

  2. Jean,

    Thank you for your comments. Hang is currently traveling India as we setup this blog so it has been difficult for her to setup her account, though I believe it is done now. I hope you enjoy our posts, I have to put a few up myself, and will come back often.



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