Should have left it with the memory

Tonight I decided to try one of the places I went last time I was in Phnom Penh almost 4 years ago.  A little corner restaurant, The Riverhouse Bistro, offers both indoor AC dining in very soft red velvet banquets or a nicer outdoor patio adjacent to the street.  Though it was a little hot and noisy with the traffic the table and chair were more comfortable than the banquet I sank about a foot into inside.

Last time I was here, again about 4 years ago, they had a fantastic cracked pepper crusted seared tuna that I still remember to this day.  The tuna was cooked to perfection with a nice crunch on the outside from the pepper and a slightly warm rare center that just melted in your mouth.

This time I was not so lucky as the tuna was off the menu :(.  Instead I had a Australian rib eye steak with wasabi mashed potato and shiitake mushrooms.  While over all the meal was good and the steak, though a little thin, was cooked to a proper medium rare I do not feel it was worth the 13.50 (a high price when you can get a good meal for $5 in many restaurants).  

The service was excellent and the restaurant was very quiet, though I will admit I had an early dinner tonight.

Looking back I should have left it with the memory from my last trip and tried somewhere new. 



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