Great ice cream, though no pumpkin flavor on the menu

The Blue Pumpkin has grown significantly since I was last in Cambodia 4 years ago and the only one I found was in Siem Reap.  Now they have 8 or 9 in Siem Reap and 4 in Phnom Penh including one right along the river front featuring a “cool lounge” upstairs with nice AC and half beds you can relax on while you eat your ice cream.

Tonight I decided to go with the traditional banana split with dark chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.  I placed my order at the counter down stairs, somewhat disappointed that there was no mint chip on offer tonight, then headed up to the cool lounge to await my treat.  I sat for about 5 minutes looking out the window at the street traffic below and waited for my ice cream.

While this place is nowhere near the best ice cream I have ever had it is the best I have seen in Cambodia and my banana split did not disappoint covered in whipped cream and chocolate sauce my three scoops of ice cream sat nestled between a split banana.

The Blue Pumpkin offers all kinds of flavors from the traditional chocolate and vanilla to the more exotic flavors like star anise and durian.

Over all I did enjoy it and would repeat as the ice cream is good and a good value for the money.



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